What Are You Telling Yourself on Your Road to Success?

As we walk into 2018 and do our year in reviews, debate top 10 emcees and talk about what we are leaving in 2017 – I think it is also important we do a little introspection on our own self talk.

Self talk; for those who arent into it already – is the thing or things you tell yourself about yourself that either motivate or stall us from being great. You want to start that business? Positive self talk sounds like yes I can do this and results in you strategizing then implementing that strategy. Negative self talk does the opposite. It lists all the reasons why it wont work and shuts you down from moving forward.

In this video; we chop it up with Josh Epperson; the co-founder of Feast RVA and all around do gooder in the Richmond area. He talks about internal narratives and our “I Can” story. Worth a watch? I say so.

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