Thoughts on Being Vulnerable

Vulnerability, the ability to allow your weakness and flaw to be exposed without refrain of shame or casigation. We rarely let our guard down and allow out authentic selves to be revealed to others let alone the world.

Why not? Lack of trust, fear of reprisal, relinquishing power to someone, trepidation from possibility of being misconceived and looked at funny?

The interesting thing is when we look in the mirror who have we allowed to be vulnerable to us? Have we violated someones trust when they showed us their weakspot?

How high are the walls we have built between ourselves and others? Only when we can be truly ourselves without fear can we truly be free. It takes time. Trust is gained experience by experience. We learn that we can peel back layers and show others our true selves ocer bridges of empathy.

When we are surrounded by those who affirm our purpose and lift us up when we are down, those who we share our true selves with, then we operate in a space of unstoppable force, invulnerable from penetration. We steadily build the circle of trust with each experience, building community around authenticity and transparency.

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