Internalized Racism: Another Elephant In the Room

The elephant in the room regarding racial healing and reconciliation is: internalized racism. It is concurrent, a precursor and an after effect of racial healing work. In a shoot – out; if you already shot – you cant really heal like for real – you trying to survive the shoot – out. Same as everybody else. Communities of color are working to address internalized racism while working to stop the ongoing oppression that they face. It is some of the hardest work – dealing with the demons that have been implanted into the consciousness as a result of the myth of white racial superiority. The layers of that onion get more and more potent as you peel them back.

Since it is fact that communities of color can and do internalize racism and this results in stressors, behaviors and conditioning that harm – one must concede that white folks have detoxing to do as well. So there is healing needed across the spectrum. Truth is healing is available for those who want it before those who need it. You might need it and not want it. That is across the spectrum. First thing to do is acknowledge you have a problem. The question of identity – who are you if racism disappeared today. Is your identity predicated upon the othering of another?

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