Soil and Your Health

SOIL—it’s easy to miss when our attention naturally goes to the awesome plants it produces (like those gorgeous spring tulips). Yet when we give soil our attention, we learn that it
tells a riveting tale.

Soil is the skin of our planet, which grows our trees and plants. It’s what makes our fruits and veggies so healthy—
and tasty. Soil provides a rich habitat for most of the living creatures on Earth and helps slow climate change by storing carbon. Ultimately, soil is the source of all terrestrial life.
Soil is vital for the health of the planet and its inhabitants—it
deserves our care. A growing number of farmers, scientists, consumers, chefs and even world leaders are giving it just that. They are championing methods to restore nutrients to the soil and highlighting soil’s role in climate change. Chefs are working directly with farmers, or farming themselves.
Home gardeners are composting and opting out of chemicals. The United Nations even designated 2015 the International Year of Soils.

Organic Connections has been a soil advocate from its first publication in 2007. We hope you join us and give soil a few minutes of your attention by digging into this eBook that celebrates this life-giving resource.

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