Ways to Support Black Urban Farmers in Your Area

1. Join a CSA: A CSA (Community Sustained Agriculture) is a share of the farmers harvest for a season (3 months). You enter into an agreement with the farmer in advance of his/her planting and invest 200$ and in return you get 20 lbs of assorted produce for 12 weeks

2. Micro-Farm Your Yard: Everybody wants a garden – but not everybody has time to garden. Our team of growers will be expanding in the spring/summer of 2018. If you have a backyard that you would like to turn into a garden; we will set it up and grow produce for you. In exchange of our team growing the garden for you – you get a lush garden and a 50% of the harvest. The rest of the harvest we sell throughout the Richmond Region to sustain the program.

3. Drop off Your Compost: If you have veggie scraps, find a bucket with a top and fill it with veggie scraps, egg shells, leaves and newspaper products at local gardens and farms to help build soil.

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