Indoor Agriculture Bootcamp


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Southside Growers Academy Indoor Agriculture Bootcamp

We teach our students the essentials to sustainable indoor urban agriculture.  The five consecutive week intensive training is held in the evenings at our under development indoor farm. Receive in depth class time and hands on learning that will give you the tools needed to be successful in growing your own food indoors for your own home and your community!

5 Week Intensive Small Scale Indoor Agriculture Bootcamp

10 sessions; 50 learning hours half of which is spent in the field getting your hands dirty building hydroponic, aquaponics and aeroponic grow systems.

The bootcamp covers designing your indoor farm, choosing your site, choosing which grow media and nutrients to use, planning what to grow, starting seeds, transplanting vegetable plants, indoor lighting, maintaining crops, harvesting and more. Learn how to use power tools to construct pvc based indoor grow systems, small scale aquaponics systems from food grade barrels and an aeroponic grow system.

Thursdays: 6 – 9pm – Enviragrow Systems Warehouse

Saturdays: 3pm – 6pm – Enviragrow Systems Warehouse

Classes 100.00

Scholarships Available: Visit Contact Us and Message Scholarship Request)

Classes start Thursday, March 15th


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