Integrating Urban Farms into the Social Landscape of Cities

Community buy-in for urban farms_July2014_Full report.pdf

In cities across the U.S., urban farming is gaining traction as a way of productively using degraded vacant land while increasing access to fresh produce within cities. As urban farming  continues to be promoted by municipal governments and others, it is important to understand how to ensure these projects are viable. One consideration for urban farms located in populated areas of a city is the reaction of residents who live in neighborhoods surrounding farms. Urban farms differ from urban gardens in their emphasis on income-generating agricultural activity. As such, they can challenge traditional images residents might have for how land is used in city neighborhoods. Urban farming projects are most likely to survive and thrive if they have local support, but how can these projects gain community buy-in? Through interviews with urban farmers, neighborhood leaders, community residents, and other key stakeholders in Baltimore City, we sought to understand the processes that are most effective for gaining the acceptance of city residents for urban farming.

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  1. This might be a little off topic but I am interested and have recently started learning about viticulture and have seen a rooftop vineyard in n.y have you came across any and can you point to some research tools or any advice and are you guys doing anything in the p.g county d.c area

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