Fear and Love Can’t Occupy the Same Space and Time

So since they have told you that knowledge and experiences are passed down genetically (epigenetics) and experiences leave a biomolecular imprint on consciousness and since you “melanin on fleek” you access the knowledge and experience of the entire history of humanity not just slavery.

Since the neurological chemical reality of the emotion fear is toxic to the body – one has to only conclude that racism/white supremacy and its related myth that black people are inferior savage uncivilized is actually the defense mechanism for the system to maintain a people from knowing who they truly are (black and brown people) waking up to that knowledge of self and usurping the ruling class who only rule through deception, distraction and manipulation.

The only reason the ruling class get to burn the planet down is because YOU operating out of fear and ignorance. To keep you in fear is to keep you from unlocking who you truly are which has nothing to do with slavery – slavery is a damn bleep on the radar of our historical indigenous experience. That is why black history month, “latino” history month and “Indian” history are all taught from the framework of when we met white people – nothing before that. As if nothing happened prior to us meeting white folks. We are literally being scared to death by the system of racism / white supremacy.

As long as your consciousness is locked down the system can manipulate you and keep you dependent. once you know you can’t unknow – you can only be locked down by fear and right know as I see it a lot of folks who say they conscious are really still scared of the system, scared of racism/white supremacy. However this is in conflict with who you truly are. How can you be directly connected genetically to the first people of the planet – have that biogenetic ally embedded in your genes and be dependent upon somebody who is lying stealing and manipulating you so they can hoard wealth and burn the planet down. Those two realities don’t match and are in conflict with one another.

You may be Afrikan spiritual or whatever you want to call it but you don’t wear your cultural identity 24/7 you tone it down in front of white folks so they don’t get intimidated. Not to say you running up being nasty or mean to folks but you haven’t internalized your cultural identity so that you are unapologetically Afrikan, spiritual or indigenous or whatever you want to call yourself when you at Kwanzaa in your dashiki – 365 days a year. When we stop playing and really embody who we are – get on our path and activate in our purpose – ain’t no fear. Fear and love can’t occupy the same space and time. You either bout that life for one or the other.

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