Everytime An Innocent Black Life Gets Taken

Everytime a innocent black life is taken by the system and displayed publically and makes the center of our attention and there is no response to say otherwise a black child is taught that black life doesnt matter and that black lives are inferior.

There is no amount of black is beautiful no amount of photography with black images or no amount of knowledge of history that can dissuade the bottom line that your very existence is on a lower echelon of value than white people. I dont care how many memes you make or tweets you tweet.

The conditioning by default is that if my black self is unprotected if i were something anything other than black i could have a chance in life. This thought process is called self-negation. So what you see b is the assasination of every black icon of greatness that black men are taught to aspire to be like and then even the regular people are killed with impunity.

In this context non of us should be suprised to see a black person say they dont wanna be called black or african american. Everything that is associated with that appellation in popular culture and statistically is sub par. Highest wealth and health disparity, highest mortality rates, highest rates of incarceration. Add to that our education system does not teach us why these patterns exist. We are left to infer that there must be something wrong with us a black people you kno of course because America is the greatest country in the world!

But see when you see black people waking up though and you start being part of the solution and you acknowledge that it aint always been like this. That you standing on the shoulders of greatness that faced way worse than what you facing then you realize yes we are ancient. You see the cause for celebration because if you here working after all the system then threw at us and you still pushing still upsurping that nefarious negativity in the form of white supremacy in its most covert of covertness, you realize we already won the war all you gotta do is stay on purpose.

Do something. Every something. Thats the reason you were birthed with thay melanin to set the world back correct on its axis.

Everything you seeing thats wrong need fixing. Your talent and skill is your tool and this house need rehabilitation. When you own the land and the home you recognize you can rebuilt the walls and roof when you have a strong foundation. The cornerstones of this fortress of african redemption got names inscribed on em. Fannie Lou Hamer. Marcus Garvey. Noble Drew Ali. Three little girls. Medgar Evers. Kwame Ture. Henry Highland Garnett. David Walker. Maggie Walker. Gabriel. Nat Turner. Toussaint. Carlos Cooks. Akhenaton. Buddha. Vishnu. Seminoles. Abu Bakr. Hannibal Tarikh. Sekou Toure. Cheik Anta Diop. Harriet Tubman. To many bricks on this foundation to name em all.

You gotta stand up to read the names though. Cant be shucking and jiving, on ya knees begging for white jesus to come to the rescue nah. Cant be afraid to speak truth to power. Cant be chasing pussy, twerking ya life away, smoking drinking as your only inspiration in life and expect to be able to read these hieroglyphics. Nope. It wont work. You gone stay off course floating in the ocean of life. Food for sharks

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