Dr. Cho’s Global Natural Farming

Natural Farming uses methods that observe the laws of nature and utilizes natural materials and products. It is based on the principle of interdependence among all living things. It aims to have a nurturing impact on the environment, in sharp contrast to the disadvantageous effects that often accompany modernized and commercialized agriculture.

The observance of the natural cycle and environment-friendly agricultural practices applied in a modern setting refreshes the established perspectives on farming and provides analternative to technology-intensive agriculture.

Natural Farming (NF) was developed by Dr. Cho Han Kyu at the Janong Natural Farming Institute in South Korea. It was originally intended to change the chemical-based and harmful farming methods that were being practiced in South Korea.

Together with like-minded farmers, he converted his lifelong studies and his own experiences into an innovative farming system that not only promotes respect and care for the environment, but also produces more with less cost and labour.

Natural Farming recognizes the abundance of nature and utilizes indigenous resources for production. Its basic
philosophy is to maximize the inborn potential of a life form and its harmony with the environment by not interfering with their growth and development or forcing the crops to yield more than what they can. Natural Farmers believe that the best way to achieve top quality yield is to respect the nature of life.

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