Southside Growers Academy Bootcamp

We teach our students the essentials to sustainable urban agriculture. The five consecutive week intensive training is held in the evenings and on weekends. Receive in-depth class time and hands-on learning that will give you the tools needed to be successful in growing your own food for your own home and your community!

5 Week Intensive Small Scale Agriculture Training

10 Sessions; 50 learning hours half of which is spent in the field getting your hands dirty.

The boot camp covers designing your urban mini-farm, choosing your site, building healthy fertile soil, planning what to grow, starting seeds, transplanting vegetable plants, planting fruit trees, maintaining crops, composting, harvesting and more. Learn how to use power tools to construct compost bins, raised beds, cold frames, and small scale high tunnels.

Fridays: 6 – 9pm – University of Richmond Downtown

Saturdays: 2pm – 5pm – 5th District Mini Farm

Classes 100.00

Scholarships Available

Classes start Friday, March 10